Boys, like girls, have specific needs when it comes to their clothes. Like girls, boys may need to attend a specific function for a formal occasion. The right clothing for a boy helps them fit in and feel like one of the gang no matter what they’re doing.

Find a Top

You’ll want to start with a top. A formal occasion needs a formal shirt to go with it. Now is the time to think about the kind of fabric you’re going to need. Many types of fabric work well. Cotton is good for summer. It’s breathable and easy to care for at home. Linen and silk add an upscale touch that adds a lot of interest and feels good against the skin.

Add a Tie

Boys clothing can be just men’s clothing. This is why you’ll want to add a tie to your plans for an upscale time. A good tie for a boy is one that he likes. Consider a pattern that shows off his interests. A tie with dinosaurs or one that has soccer balls on it adds a much welcome bit of whimsy.

Use a Jacket

As those at Chasing Fireflies state, “Chasing Fireflies is a creative and innovative children’s boutique with an assortment of quality collections perfect for every day, holiday and special occasions.” Part of the process of choosing clothes for holidays means finding a good jacket. Jackets are useful when it gets cold outside and you want to make sure your child stays warm. A well-fitting jacket allows the child to keep warm even in a heavily air-conditioned summer room.

Good Pants

Pants are another thing to consider as you help your boy get dressed. You’ll want to keep your child in pants that fit well at the top, knees and bottom. Good formal pants mean the child can move around no matter where they are or what they might happen to be doing. 

Allow room at the waist. The pants should also be made from materials that go well with the rest of the child’s dressing plans. A good pair should not go past the ankles. Hem the bottom if you need it in order to get the right fit.

The Shoes

Shoes make the look stand out. That’s why you want a really good pair of shoes for your son’s feet. Look for shoes that are specifically designed for formal occasions. Many are made from good leather that can stand up to lots of wear over time. Allow some room at the end for the child’s toes to move about freely. Many boy’s shoes have a small heel at the bottom. This keeps the shoes stable and provides support for a young man’s growing feet. Pair with socks that fit well across the ankles and help keep sweat away from the child’s foot.

Dressing up your boy is one way to show off his personality. These easy basics make him look good.